Organic Home Gardening

Learning how to grow an organic Home Garden is actually quite easy. The basic rule is to use 100% organic products that are chemical and pesticide free. Many of us have tried to grow a garden at one point or another, probably all with mixed success. You should first test the Soil to determine the health of your soil. You Can take a sample of the soil where you intend on planting your organic home garden. You want to find the best soil possible to Plant your garden, especially if you plan to plan vegetables.

Growing a garden is something that people do for many reasons. Perhaps you want to supplement your family with food that you grow yourself because you don’t have the resources to buy all organic vegetables from the store. Or, perhaps you live in a place that is remote and it is easier for you to grow an organic garden. Or perhaps it’s just for fun!

Also, you might just like the idea of being able to provide your family with food that you have grown yourself. Whatever the reason mig…

5 Custom Home Upgrades That Make Life More Frugal

Frugal homeowners searching for ways to save on their household expenses should look first at upgrading and improving the house and its’ systems. With modern technology always finding new ways to go about saving money on energy and home expenses. While some upgrades aren’t cheap, they can definitely pay for themselves over time. Take a look at a few upgrades that you might consider if you are looking for a long term solution for your energy problems.

Solar Panels
A whole-house solar system setup is a huge investment, so you may want to solarize your house in stages. A good starting point is your hot water heater, which represents a large portion of your energy consumption. The second biggest energy hogs are your appliances. If you can’t afford large-scale projects, look first to smaller solar units to run small appliances, computers and televisions. Outdoor solar lighting is inexpensive and efficient at keeping your home safe. There are many modern options for this as it is a growing i…

Save Money With These 4 Home Upgrades

Maintaining a home takes a big bite out of any family or household budget. Home-owners look for ways to lower the cost. One way is to apply a few upgrades. However, it is best to choose wisely. Some upgrades will only add to the expenses. However, there are plenty of other upgrades that help to save the home-owner money in the long run. Save money with these 4 home upgrades.

Upgrade Thermostat Older homes or heating systems were packaged with non-programmable thermostats. Upgrade the thermostat to save money. Most people are at work during the day. They certainly don’t want their heating system going full blast. A programmable thermostat makes it possible to lower the temperature by 10 or 15 degrees during that time. Program the thermostat to automatically turn up the temperature based on the time that people return home. This is another way to reduce energy bills and save money.
Update Appliances Take a look at all the major appliances in your home. The majority should include a stick…

4 Secrets to Vetting Your Renovation Contractor

Homeowners who are ready to upgrade their home and increase its value are going to need a contractor to help them through this process. There are countless considerations to make and what appears to be a minor issue could become a major fiasco without an experienced renovator. Here is a look at four secrets of vetting your next renovation contractor to ensure that you make the right choice the very first time.

1. Ensure They Are Credentialed
After asking for the initial quote, one of the easiest ways to limit the pool of potential renovation contractors is to ask about credentialing. There is no reason to ever go with a remodeling company that is not fully licensed, bonded, and insured because even a minor mishap can become a financial and legal nightmare. The fine for remodeling without a building permit may cost the homeowner and their contractor $50,000 or more as a first-time offender, but these are issues that can be avoided entirely with an experienced, bonded, and insured contra…

Everything You Need to Increase Old Home Value

Most homeowners have an interest in finding ways to increase their home value to ensure it sells quickly with a large profit that is made off the property. Even in older homes that are outdated and not priced the way you want, there are simple ways of increasing the value and allowing it to shine once it’s on the market. By making a few changes and upgrades, you can increase the functionality and appeal of the home with several features that are in demand today.

Add a New Front Door
The style and design of your front door is what makes the first impression to guests and those passing by in the neighborhood. Paint the front door a bold color that stands out on the block, or update the feature with a door that has a large window to increase the home’s curb appeal. It will not only work as the focal point on the home, but will set the tone on the overall quality of the property at first glance.

Use a Plumbing or Heating Service
If your plumbing or heating service isn’t in tip-top shape, th…

6 Renovation Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Home renovations and remodeling projects can be stressful enough on their own without expensive mistakes that can cost owners time and money. Anyone that is looking to carry out even minor renovations should keep a close eye out for these six common mistakes that can get quite expensive when not avoided.

Ignoring Local Building Codes
Filing the necessary paperwork for building may seem like a hassle, but it can result in some serious issues when this step is not carried out exactly as it should be. Depending on one’s location, the general rule is that any remodeling project “of consequence” must have a permit in order to avoid expensive fines or even tearing down upgrades.

Not Choosing Specialists
A contractor that is licensed and insured to install a new pool is most likely not going to be able to re-roof the home or update the HVAC system. Unless the contractor has experience with the project you need and is insured specifically for that style of work, they should not be used.


How to Save Money on Your Next Renovation Project

Renovating and remodeling spaces in your home not only gives you a chance to get creative, but often increase a property’s overall appraisal value. When you have a project in mind you want to move forward with, utilizing a few tips can quickly help to ensure you are capable of saving money, regardless of the budget you are working with.

Set a Budget Early On
Setting a budget for the project early on is a way to make sure you are not overspending in various areas of the project. Having a budget in place is also a better method of comparing different material prices and the pricing of professionals you may be thinking of hiring.

Research All Options and Methods of Completing Your Project
Researching various methods for completing your home DIY project is another way for you to save money. The more familiar you become with materials and methods of placing walls, installing wood, or completing an entire Edmonton PVC deck, the easier it is to choose the right options and professionals for yo…